We are trend followers by nature. We are creative thinkers who look for opportunities everywhere. We translate ideas into quantitative models and strategies using full stack programming skills, advanced mathematics and statistical analysis.

The crypto landscape changes at light speed. Our advantage lies in rapidly adapting to changing times. We’re in the business of setting up time for great things. So that’s why our values set us up for success and excellence.

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Meet Our Visionaries: “The Minds Behind the Market”

Minds. Talent. Knowledge. Sharing. Integrity. Experience. Potential. Strength. Wisdom. Vision. Future. Network. Ideas.


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Traianus Partners is a crypto firm founded in 2019 in response to the volatile and mostly unpredictable crypto market by Alessandro Pellegrino and Enrico Aprile, with a unique approach to the space. We acts as a middle-man between buyers and sellers, ensuring there are always competitive prices and efficiently executed orders.

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